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About Made of Star Stuff

The atoms of everything around us were all made in the interiors of collapsing stars, billions of years ago.

As Carl Sagan said, "We are made of star stuff." And these products are too!

Made of Star Stuff Body Care weaves together my passion for crafting and my knowledge of biochemistry and natural sciences, with a touch of my personal love for the stars. I hope you enjoy.

I have always loved experimenting. Whether it was in the Science lab, in the kitchen, or with nifty DIY's, pushing my boundaries for trying new things is always something I have enjoyed.

I felt like my sensitive skin got in the way of me being able to try new skincare products, so I tried to get around that by making my own creations. It started with a fudge lip balm and it grew from there to add soaps, body butters, and now facial and hair care, too! I have always aimed to keep simplicity and sustainability in mind for my formulations and the way I package them. 

Thank you for following along with this passion of mine; it truly means so much to me!

I am privileged to live, recreate, and run my business on Treaty 7 Territory in Southern Alberta. Chuwapchipchiyan Kudi Bi (Canmore in the Stoney Nakoda language) is an incredibly special place, and I endeavour to honour and preserve the traditions and beauty of the area.

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